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Hi all. Nick here. I live in the mid-western United States, and wear the CTO hat for a global systems integrator. You might not guess it from meeting me or browsing the site,  but I cut my teeth coding BASIC and running a BBS.  Flash forward to today and I’ve worn just about every IT hat you can think of.  From deploying, managing, and consulting on architecture across a range of IT projects in Fortune 100 companies, to hacking together code, to managing projects, accounts, and even closing some sales.  In short, I wear whatever hat is necessary to get the job done.

What does this site have to do with the above?

I believe in the Unix philosophy… which in this case means I value things that do one thing, and do them very well.  And that’s exactly what you’ll find on this site. Products, solutions, and content that I’ve vetted, and my clients, my partners, or myself (usually all 3) are already using to make our organizations more effective.  In fact, everything you find here has been applied, re-applied, and continuously improved so that it just works, is consistent, and high quality.    This is the concept I use in the the solution stacks that you’ll find on this site.

What’s a solution stack?

In computing, a solution stack is everything you need to perform a task without external dependencies. Consistent with that, everything what you find here… from the public content and articles, to the newsletter, to our paid-for products and services… it’s all geared toward accelerating your time to solution, and giving you the “entire stack”, so that it just works, and in the process enables you to maximize your return on investment.

So why does exist?

To help you solve real world problems faster, by giving you the entire stack necessary to go from zero to production without reinventing the wheel. I want to enable you to cut through the “option analysis” phase, eliminate the garbage, and be left with exactly what you need to know to move forward.

I like making a difference in the lives of my clients, and partners.  While technology isn’t the only topic on this site, I do tend to gravitate toward technology-focused content.  To bottom line it, my goal is to meet or exceed your expectations, and everything you find on this site will serve to help you hit-the-ground running.

Need to reach me directly?  Just fill out the below to send me an email.

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