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Utilization Forecast: Solved with Iceberg

Forecasting utilization is the bane of every business where high-skill employees bill their time in hours.  For far too many companies, juggling individuals, teams, and clients isn’t just an occasional necessity… it’s the status quo.  And as you scale the business, what might have seemed easy with a small team, only gets harder the closer you get to your Dunbar number.  It seems like almost overnight, you’ve gone from making strategic decisions, to survival mode.  Instead of focusing on resource utilization, improving margins, and holding individuals and teams accountable, these suddenly seem like luxuries you can’t afford – even when you know that doing so is critical to your success.  To make matters worse, Project Managers who might be able to help drive this, are so busy with Project schedules, or trying to come up with an S-curve that they’re unable to contribute in a meaningful way to solving this problem.

But what if there was a better way to do forecasting in a small business?  What if you could drive accountability across a growing organization, eliminate choke-points, enable you to scale the business, and at the same time reduce the number of unknowns?

That’s why I developed Iceberg.

Iceberg turns traditional top-down forecasting on its head.  Instead of relying of Project Managers, or individuals in “leadership” positions to forcast top-down, Iceberg makes it painless for everyone to forecast their own utilization, letting you understand what’s going on beneath the surface of your business.  Three months after implementing Iceberg…

  • Forecast Accuracy improved by 25%
  • Service revenue increased by 15% 
  • The number of bad surprises were cut in half!
  • Leadership began to focus on strategic decisions instead of fighting fires 

Iceberg is available for purchase directly (contact me), and I’m also considering making it available as an SaaS application if there’s sufficient interest – please fill out the survey form.

Watch the beta intro and demo.

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