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As mentioned elsewhere, I’ve been working in IT since the late 1990s.  Over the years, I’ve worn many different hats, sometimes simultaneously, and in the process have had the opportunity to work for some amazing companies, doing good work.  Now, you may not guess this from meeting me, or looking at my business card, but I come from a sysadmin background.  A little development?  Sure thing.  Some networking?  Yep.  Sales?  Of course (we’re all selling something).

I started after blogging on a consistent basis for something like 8 years.  My old site tended to be more focused on technical issues… How does XYZ work? What do you do when ABC happens?  And so on.  But basically, it was just a knowledge base that proved to be helpful on occasion… like when you needed a “just make it work” type of solution.  I love getting emails from folks, and helping out where I can… but just make it work type of posts that only include one missing piece of a technology puzzle,  aren’t altogether that fun or interesting.  And let’s face it, just make it work type of fixes, while being “real world”, and often what the client needs, aren’t usually the right game-plan going in, and certainly aren’t helping folks make good decisions.

So my goal with this site is to provide solutions that give you everything you need to make good decisions, to select the right tool for the job, and to accelerate you through the option analysis phase and on toward high-quality solutions.  In other words, to help you plan appropriately, and enable you with solutions that can help you avoid getting into just make it work kind of situations.

I want to arm you with exactly what your clients, partners, and other stakeholders actually want from you, and enable you to move up the value chain.

(Oh yeah, we sell sell stuff too.  But it’s only awesome stuff that works really, really well.  So enjoy the content, and maybe try out our Cloud Backup solution, or one of our battle-proven solutions stacks).

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